Commissions are at the heart of our platform, designed to incentivize and reward the creators, customers, and advocates who passionately promote your products. By offering commissions, Tags not only enhances your brand's visibility but also fosters meaningful partnerships, driving sales and building a community around your brand. With our system, managing and customizing these commissions is straightforward, ensuring that your marketing efforts align perfectly with your business goals.

Setting a commission

This area guides you through setting commission rates that not only motivate your collaborators but also align with your business objectives. Our intuitive interface makes adjusting these rates straightforward, ensuring your commission strategy evolves as seamlessly as your brand does.

Customized Commissions Per Creator

Recognize the unique value of each creator. With Tags, you have the ability to set different commission rates for each influencer, tailoring to their specific audience and impact.

Instant Commission Rate Updates

Stay agile in your marketing strategies. Any changes you make to the commission rates are applied in real-time. This ensures that your current and future sales reflect the latest commission terms immediately.

Immediate Payouts Upon Order Placement

Encourage prompt and enthusiastic promotion from creators. Our system ensures that commissions are paid to creators as soon as an order is made, motivating them for continuous and effective promotion of your products.

Managing commissions

Our team will work closely with you to handle the management, customization, and removal of commission amounts within your account, guided by your preferences and requirements.


Commission amounts can updated at any time.


Commissions happen in real-time so any updates will take effect instantly.


Commission amounts are by account, not by product.

© Tags Commerce, Inc 2023

Automated One-Click Social Commerce

© Tags Commerce, Inc 2023

Automated One-Click Social Commerce

© Tags Commerce, Inc 2023

Automated One-Click Social Commerce